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About Creative Worlds:

Creative Worlds is a site about video games. Generally, that's it. It started in 2005 when I created this site, hesitantly, to showcase some animated gifs I made since they seemed to garner a positive response from others. I turned it into a site where I could display my own little worlds I made up within the established franchises. While the "creative worlds" that I made for these are still an important part of my growing up, I changed the major focus of the site to be about the games that inspired me themselves. However, that doesn't stop my own interpreted worlds from being displayed, because sometimes, I have to take matters into my own hands, which has always been the biggest motivating factor of Creative Worlds.


The Policy of Creative Worlds (or "I Own This Joint, I Call the Shots"):

The reason I made many of the works I've made is mostly dissatisfaction, or in spite of official sources catering to everyone but me (as I realize I'm in the minority about favorite Kirby characters and Nidorina being tops, for example). Since I've got the creativity to do things myself, that's exactly what I do. For that reason, most everything I do here is done because I enjoy it, not because it's popular. For that reason, don't expect Creative Worlds to cater to the masses. If I don't (feel) like it, I'm not doing it. That's just the way it is. However, I am open to suggestions, such as which games to try and write about.


About Me:

Why? Well, let's do this in a series of questions...

• How old are you?
Old enough.

• Occupation?
Animator (keys, inbetweens, and timing specifically)

• Any religious backgrounds?
Yes, Christian, and with that, not the "far right wing" nor "by association only" kind. The former's weird, the latter's lazy.

• Favorite game series?
Longest running being Gradius and Kirby.

• Favorite game of all?
Xexex, probably. Followed by Kirby's Dream Land (3) and EarthBound or Mother.

• Any favorite characters?
If my own count, Mrs. Nidorina, among some original ones.

• What about favorite cartoons? You seem to be actively into animation.
Generally speaking, the animation golden age still holds the finest, but there's some gems even after that period, even if the animation was sketchy.

•What cartoons have influenced you most?
A lot of cartoons have basically been the source of inspiration. I basically owe these cartoons for my works today:
Looney Tunes - There's so much to be learned from these shorts, even on an artistic level, and at an early age. They truly are some of the best cartoons ever created.
The Simpsons - Any primetime animator owes The Simpsons for breaking that barrier of cartoons not just being for children, despite the fact that they started off being for adults in the first place. I may not "do" adult cartoons, but I certainly hold The (classic era) Simpsons to a high regard, and as a gauge as to what I can get away with.
Ren and Stimpy- This show was magical to me. It was insane, but more importantly, it hit me artistically. It's no wonder I enjoy making off model poses since the early 90's, but at the same time, want everything fully animated. I blame this show.
Eek the Cat! - Sadly, this cartoon is obscure now, but my goodness gracious it was basically what got me into wanting to make my own cartoons. A lot of my early 90's stuff has a definate Eek the Cat influence, even art style, crude though it may have been. You can even see this in my early Kirby comics. It's a really witty cartoon, though. Watching it now, so much went over my head as a kid.
Samurai Pizza Cats - I don't know why, mostly because it was non serious.
Animaniacs - See Looney Tunes, but to a lesser degree.
Disney Feature Animations (earliest to Hercules, then Princess and the Frog) - See Looney Tunes, but with more emphasis on animation, less on humor and personalities.
Tex Avery Shorts - See Looney Tunes.
Peanuts Shorts - Because you don't need to be edgy or "random" to make a cartoon work.
The works of Osamu Tezuka - Master of telling stories that touch on real life issues, but with lots of cute characters (and even when they shouldn't look cute, it's just how his style is, like mine! Hah!)
The works of Hayao Miyazaki - Mostly an admiration for scenary, I'm too lazy to employ it myself, though I would like to.
So, these are the cartoons that had the biggest impact on me, with most of them being family friendly, but at the same time, also having true relatable characters, and being non serious. Yeah, that pretty much makes up what most of my works are, skewed in favor towards one over the other for some works.

What games influenced you?
Everything I needed to know about games I've pretty much gained from the Kirby games of the 90's, the Mega Drive Sonic the Hedgehog games (+CD), EarthBound, Mother, Megaman 1-8 + Rockman and Forte, and to an extent Rocket Knight Adventures. Later on, Astro Boy: Omega Factor and Mother 3 would become another game influence. Primarily, I learned platforming level design from Sonic, with multiple branching paths and level specific gimmicks. If anything, I am always excited to see a lot of fan hacks of the Mega Drive Sonic games. They're, too me, the most fun "fan games" to play, when they're beyond a palette hack.

As far as shooters go, Gradius and Thunder Force have basically been my staple. And puzzlers, I get a lot of inspiration from Panel de Pon and Kirby Star Stacker.

• What's your favorite website?
The best website I've ever been to.
























































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