Original transcript of the AU series information from the old Creative Worlds site. Featuring commentary from both Jared and I. No, I'm not making the layout of this page any more interesting. Also, there may be some outdated information in either section. This is merely for preservational purposes.

Black = Me (Patrick)
This color = Jared

Alternate Universe

It all starts in Advanced Biology Honors... or some class to that effect. While our teacher (and one of our favorites, don't get us wrong) was lecturing with notes on transparencies or making us watch some boring video, either way, I drew some comic about how Nidoran are unlike Cabbits (of Tenchi fame). Then I more than likely immediately did another. It was about Kine and Blade Knight inc, our online personas (which haven't really changed), and them starting an adventure into the Johto region. Pokemon Gold and Silver were already out at this time.

Yes it was Advanced Biology Honors, my favorite teacher outside of her feminism that I think landed in a comic here and there. We respected her but we didn’t really need to pay that much attention. Though we would get in trouble for random burst of laughter and eventually we couldn’t draw anymore.

The comic was in a four panel style, getting to the point very quickly. More or less it ended with Kine finishing the challenge and leaving the Poke world while BKi was still trying to beat the Elite Four. This was based off of a real life situation, as I had finished the game long before my friend did. Comics based off of real life events would become one of the staples of this series.

The sad thing is Kine got the game a week after I did. He beat and got level 100 characters first. Kinda sad.

Even sadder was how much I bloody AGONIZED over getting the game, just for it to turn out the way it did. I was jealous of you for that? Eh, well, this and Poke Legends came out of it, sooo...

Now note that this comic was supposed to be the end of it. I never really intended to make a series out of this, I was just bored and teasing BKi at the same time. But the next few days I made some more, with Kine and BKi battling (if not bragging) about their star Pokemon, Nidorina and Bellsprout respectively. Then it got bigger. Kirby had Pokemon, Son of Nightmare had Pokemon, even Rick and Coo temporarily (and I mean reaaalllly temporary) had Pokemon. It was like a universe of Kirby + Pokemon, using some online personas as characters (some of which represented ourselves).

Each character took on form or another of personalities. Kine and Blade Knight inc were the main stars and represented us the best. As for the others, they were mood swings or parts of ourselves we would stride to be or had been in the past.

Along the line, I ended up calling the series Poppistar Universe. In retrospect, Pokestar Universe would've made more sense, but Poppistar was the best I could come up with when trying to combine Pokemon + Pop Star.

I never knew why the title was called what it was. But it all makes sense now. Hey we both are learning something together.

I'm pretty sure I told you... ¬.¬

This was generally the first 1/16th of the series. Kine, BKi, SoN and other Kirby characters and Pokemon. It started off as battles and bragging, but slipped into spoofing and ranting more than anything. For example, we've noticed how Ash would live through anything in the anime and seemed to be some almighty invincible idiot, so I created Almighty Ash Head, which is just a crappily drawn head of Ash claiming to be a god. He, along with Pointless Princess, would usually agonize characters, usually Son of Nightmare and Pommy. We both come to agree that Gold and Silver was a disappointment (much unlike what many other Poke fans think... why you guys STILL like those games is beyond me). Guess what got poked fun at next?

Pointless Princess was made after how Rainbow Resort was being run. Bad spoof of kindarspirit on my part. Kine had nothing to do with it. But they ended up being combined together and would cause some mayhem here and there over Poppistar. Son of Nightmare was affected by the Pointless Diseases, which always made for a great laugh.

Yeah, that's pretty embarassing. ._. Especially since it really wasn't her fault... yet I drew P.P. on the updated promo picture. Bash me over the head with a lead pipe! 9_6 So, yeah... apologies go out to Kindar, even though she's long forgiven my "deeds" back in the olde days, heh. Oh was I ever a N00B (an intelligeble one, no less).

Over time, the character cast grew, and the stories became better developed. As opposed to mindless spoofing, there'd actually be character development comics, but that wouldn't stop the regular strips. Comics were also based off of events that happened to us in real life, or even online. It was sort of like taking our personas and making things seem a lot more cartoonish then it actually was. Just to be clear, online events weren't portayed as our characters going to a computer, but rather us being in whatever enviroment the area portrayed.

The comics became a way of expressing what was going on in our lives. This seemed to be very therapeutic looking back at it all. *Being a psychology major and what not*. We were able to get out what was bothering us out in a creative and humorous way.

True that. That or whatever we thought was a funny event.

I ended up calling Poppistar Universe Alternate Universe instead, because by the end it was a hodge podge of characters from Kirby, Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Yoshi, EarthBound, Mega Man, Sonic, Bomberman, Pac Man and Cool Spot just to name what's off the top of my head, and this is not including OCs and other 'net personas. Whatever game characters we could come up with were probably in.

There were minor characters introduced that never stayed. The comics took on a great role and became a great source of entertainment. Our joint comics were some of the best. It gave me something to look forward to reading after class.

Joint comics are the best. More people around the world should do them. There's nothing like passing the buck to someone else! I honestly believe that once a person learns not to take themselves so seriously, they can really have some fun. Well, I could go into a discussion here but this is about AU.

The state of the comic now is sort of still alive, I made some additions to it not too long ago, but like everything else it's slow because that's how life is when you get more responsibilties.

I have made a stab at it but with class and 2 jobs it is hard to complete them. Sad thing I can’t remember how to draw one of my characters.


This section will give a bit of character BG info. The reason for this may be because of the changes and allusions some characters had as opposed to their respective universes.

Right off the bat, I'd like to say that most characters are unchanged, especially the Kirby cast. Have been for many years, too change them would be blasphemous. However, Kine took to be a bit like me, though (after all I was Kine the Genius at the time). The best way to describe him is that he was still the same Kine except whatever I thought, he thought. That on top of the fact that any events that happened with me iRL or online as KtG, he went through the same.

Our Pokemon characters (at least BKi, Kine, and Kirby) were based off of actual teams we had in Gold/Silver.

Nidorina (AKA Nido-san) was my top Pokemon in silver. I gave her the Pink Bow (or something) and she would always get haircuts in something-or-another city (and groomings from Gary's sister), so my drawing of her was with a tuft of hair and a pink bow. She had training in Ninjitsu and other martial arts, as well as military training and work for government agencies, so she became a pretty stealthy opponent. In fact, if you ever wonder why I make Nidorina somewhat ninja-like in combat (like certain animations), this attribute comes from her. Well what do you know, TWO 'rina influences. Despite this, she's nice and acts as Kine's older sister. She actually has a strong disliking for violence, despite the fact that she's typically known as an "assassin". She's one of the few things in "death" that Death Reaper JOE is afraid of. She's also intentionally youthful looking.

I had another Nidorina (because one isn't enough =P) named Charlotte. She's a test tube creation, much like Mewtwo, although her power exceeds anything just under the supernatural (or Giygas), because she gets her energy from the cosmos. The reason the scientists chose a Nidorina is the same reason they might have made a super powerful Weepinbell. No one expects it because they are forgotten, and no one would ever believe it. She wears a pendant that regulates her power as well as her psychological being. Without it (for a long amount of time), she becomes unstable. The scientists who created her intentionally made her a mute and completely obedient, learning from the ("stupid") humans' msitakes with Mewtwo. It was only when she saw people treat Pokemon with respect that she wanted to live a free life. At first she would always have a deadpan look, kinda depicting those anime type characters who always looked tranced out because they're actually robots or something. Due to being dangerous, Kine (and perhaps others) were extremely edgy around her, especially since they couldn't tell what she was thinking with the same apathetic stare. Much later, though, I decided to go "Maggie Simpson" with her, and she became a seen but not heard type character, and she became almost child like too, as she still has that innocence. She's also a shiny. Despite all this, Charlotte is typically depicted as being angelic, and therefore a lot of connotations between her and angels are made.

Nidorino was at first merely someone for Nidorina, but his role got bigger. Mainly because my alternate screen name for Pokemon sites at the time was Nidorino3232 (he has two 32's because he's just that awesome). So wherever Kine didn't fit, Nidorino took his place, especially since Kine is still 13 like that of Kirby's Adventures, but Nidorino is a young adult. Whenever he wasn't me, though, his personality reflected Mr. Nidorino of Poke Tales, being the bipedal friendly cowardly type. He's pretty much drawn the same way (chalk that up to force of habit). He's also known for two other attributes. 1. To be a lazy mooch. 2. To drool/lust over any Nido girl, despite his relationship with Nido-san. He apparently goes nuts at the sight of Nidoqueen (so does BKi, actually, if only because it's disturbingly awkward).

Vulpix is also alluded to. Kine's Vulpix also had singing talent, but the difference is that Kine's is only 9 years old, so she's a little child without the full potential yet. She served as Sentret's "older sister". Sentret was a unique character, being younger than pretty much everybody, but having a corporate mind and having knowledge to all things finacial and economical (I think his character spawned from my Economics class, since ours was based more like a real world experience rather than a sit down and read/do busy work class). He could get greedy, though, which would led him into trouble with the law. Despite it all, he's still a young boy, and it shows (such as he still has trouble saying "spagetti").

Chikorita is the most obvious, and just further strengthens the Chikorita cliche. Chikorita liked Kine, but had a hard time coming out with that. Mainly because she acted like a jerk otherwise (you know the type, they don't know how to express their feelings so they lash out at you and bully you around). Her competition was a Miltank who was crazy over Kine (due to being captured in a Love Ball). Kine really had no intrest in either and prefered a Goldeen (who was never actually seen, it's a running gag), Lanturn, and Paula from EarthBound. Later, though, he reluctantly accepts Chikorita since his official girlfriend Mine wanted nothing to do with him anymore, but after the fact Chikorita had become a whole lot nicer.

Other notable Pokemon characters of Kine include Nidoqueen, a very sucessful business woman who is held at high regard by Kine (and me in real life, since she got me through so much in Silver, she'll never be forgotten). However, people tend to take "notice" to her, a deranged gag that all Nidoqueens now suffer. I tell no lie, it all started with Pokemon Stadium (feh, what didn't?). They shouldn't have made her so... jiggly. =X

Porygon and Magnemite became Kine's robotic Pokemon. As always, they're usually a pair. If you remember Omikron, he's actually an AU version of this one. Except Kine's Magnemite here was just called "Magnemite" and was pretty average. By the way, Kine installed Male Chips into Pory and Mag, thus making them "Males" (complete with stereotypes).

Kirby had Pokemon, but the most memorable is his all Eevee group. His Espeon is one of those bubbly air headed type girls, much unlike what you'd expect from someone who looks the way Espeon does. This came from the idea that she's the sun(ny) Pokemon, so she's always bright and happy. Despite this, the Eevee Sisters had no effect on her. Spoiled valley girls does not equal air head.

Her opposite is Umbreon, who I'd probably compare with Mandy these days. He was pretty much grumpy, sarcastic, and a jerk who for the most part never smiled (unlike Mandy it wasn't strict, even though she smiled all the time in old episodes). He didn't take any crap from anybody, though, but his weakness is Espeon since she won't stop bothering him. Another gag is that Death Reaper JOE could never get his name right. Umbreon followed Poke Legends dark types to an extent, having a tendancy to perform devilish acts on a full moon, going up to virgin sacrifices. I'm sure you remember that, eh BKi?

That was truly awesome, I remember that now. Man I LOVED it.

...that scares me.

The final eon to note is Flareon. Eevee, Jolteon, and Vaporeon weren't very important. Flareon was a rude little tramp, so to speak. She had no manners or regard whatsoever and would often talk back to Kirby. She also seduced just about anybody, mainly to PO Kirby and screw with guys heads. This was obviously an allusion to evil Scarlet, but also was played off the fact of how Flareons use attract in Pokemon Stadium 2. After Kirby kicked her out, it scared her straight, or at least not to act like a harlet. After traveling to Houen, though, Flareon stopped being as jerk-ish as well, and actually starts to show consideration for others and her trainer.

Bellsprout was Blade Knight inc.’s pride and joy. The only Bellsprout who could actually Fly and had a powerful Solarbeam. But somehow it came to a point where Bellsprout was able to train himself and took on a very martial arts like roll. Who later became a secret agent, Bellsprout 007 another of my many screennames. Wobbuffet was just pointless, he never could lose and would pop up to annoy Blade Knight inc whenever he could. Wobbuffet was the comedic relief for the comedic relief.

HAHAHA… that’s a good way to put it. Well, Wobbuffet lost once, thanks to a pretty clever method.

Son of Nightmare had Belle. A strong female version of Bellsprout who S.o.N. trained to be the best who had the “Belle Combo”. Which started off with Leech Seed which was hit by Solarbeam which caused an amazing result, instant K.O.. Belle was a kind and caring Pokemon. She took her training serious and fought to her best ability.

Death Reaper J.O.E. had a cast of dark Pokemon that seemed to never really listen to him. If anything they seemed to be just as lazy as Death Reaper J.O.E. Haunter and Ghastly were both very loyal and very well trained. Gengar seemed to follow what DR JOE said but never cared for DR JOE outside of battling. Houndoom if I can remember had a thing for one of Kine’s Pokemon and never got anywhere with her. He was slightly loyal seeing how he was a dog. But not that much.

I don't recall him liking anyone. He was also a sissy. Loyal, but would cry at just about anything. Think Cowardly Lion.

Other series characters include the EarthBound cast. Here, Giygas and Giegue are separate entities (although they should be the same character, best known as Gyiyg). Ness, just like every other series he's in or referenced in, is known as one of the greatest characters of all time. He's usually invincible, or so people think (usually causing foes to avoid a fight before it starts). However, his mind is still like that of a 13 year old. He's usually in the comics where something devastating happens. Charlotte has a big crush on him, but it's completely one sided.

Paula played the "girl every guy wants" role, even though she didn't agree to this. Perhaps this is why I continue to mess with her today. Kine, Coo, and Rick especially wanted her.

As for Sonic characters, one staple was that they would never be drawn post Sonic Adventure style. I really didn't like how they went all radical with the changes just to make them "extreme" (Mario never changed, what's the deal?). Now a days, I'm used to it, not that I have a choice. However, that never stopped me from drawing classic Sonic. Sorry kiddies, New Sonic ain't gonna happen here (the only exceptions being new characters after Sonic Adventure, in that I wouldn't know how to "downgrade" them). Then again, you can probably see lots of examples in my drawings where old styles are prefered. Blade Knight inc is an obvious example, although that's a conscious decision made by him, because, and I quote, "New Blade Knight sucks" (I'm indifferent either way, but old Blade Knight is easier to draw AND is going bald. Hilarity).