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For better or for worse, video games have become an integral part of mainstream culture. For years now, they have provided us with entertainment, endearing characters, engaging storylines, fantasic worlds beyond our imagination, and even brought people together through a shared interest.

The common element that all video games share, however, is that they're all utterly ridiculous. And it's that ridiculousness I want to tap into and bring out into the open, using my own brand of whatever it is that I do. That's what this portion of the site is dedicated to. From parodies and fractured stories to editorials and semi walkthroughs, the articles will cover it all, including factual trivia from Japanese sources, seeing as I'm the type who likes to spread little known information (and supply author's canon). But keep in mind that everything found from here on is not to be taken seriously, and that I am NOT reviewing, nor rating any games. I'm typically biased and mostly a black and white type of gamer anyway (I either like it or I don't, though there may be some games I used to like that fall into grey areas). These are written mostly for entertainment purposes.

If you want to recommend a game, feel free to suggest some games for me to try, and in the future I may end up giving them a twist here. Just try to keep in mind my tastes, so, don't bother suggesting super realistic FPSes or anything.




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