Original text from the old Creative Worlds that goes over characters in the Yoshi series. No, I'm not making the layout of this page any more interesting. Also, there may be some outdated information. This is merely for preservational purposes.


Most of the characters in the series pretty much have the personalities set in Tetris Attack, which saves me a lot of time in having to write them. However, for some characters, there's a bit more definition.

Little Yoshi is something of a Yoshi trainee. He admires Yoshi, although he doesn't really say it. He's still a small child, probably no older than 10 (I can't say I remember if I set ages in the YI series), but is one of the wise beyond his years types, sometimes even advising Yoshi (this is mutual, as Yoshi advises Little at times, usually just helping him through growing pains). His nature is calm and collected, usually more level headed than Yoshi, and Yoshi's a pretty level guy. It could be due to Little's somewhat lax nature. He's usually slacking but when his good friend Bumpty is around, trouble is abound. Little also has a very big appetite for a growing Yoshi, so he'll eat anything, even if it's not good for him or the food is spoiled. That said, he'll soon become sick.

Bumpty is a toddler of 2 years, the only character (that I remember, anyway) that has a set age. However, he's one of those cartoony babies who can speak clearly and acts just as old as everyone else, but he still has his baby moments, like toilet training and such. Bumpty is good friends with all the other Bumpty babies and children, often playing in the snow. His favorite pasttime is sliding down large snow slopes, even though he ends up injuring himself most of the time. His good friend is Little Yoshi, and his best friend is Poochy. Bumpty strangely enough looks up to Poochy, to the point of behaving like a dog. This is another one of his more childish natures. Lately, Bumpty has been acting a bit tougher than he actually is, usually having the last say. My personal reasoning for this is simple. He can because he's Bumpty, and Bumpty = awesome. Point of Interest: Bumpty is my favorite ally in Tetris Attack, and I have him kick everyone's butt. This probably has something to do with it.

Dr. Freezegood isn't just some skier's title, but he's an actual doctor. While that's probably not what Nintendo intended (and I'm well aware of that), the Yoshi crew needed a medic so why not? Dr. Freezegood's personality is often smart alecky and sarcastic, not so much in the mean spirited way but more in the jerk-you-around joking way. He's very blunt, and tells his patients (or the caretakers of the patients) the straight diagnosis with no sugar coating. He has a good relationship with Yoshi and Bumpty's parents, so he lets them have a sort of tab, but when that tab gets too high, he expects to see the coinage (coins obviously being the Mario-verse's currency). Dr. Freezegood often serves as Bumpty's caretaker, although he passes him along to Yoshi half the time (and considering Bumpty's insistance to play with Little anyway...). Unfortunately for Yoshi, the hospital he works at is high in the snow capped mountains. This location is great for potential dangers in such an area, but Yoshi lives way far away, and thus the location is inconvienient. Moderate price to pay for discounts and a tab, though (unless, y'know, Yoshi's bleeding to death or something). His favorite pasttimes are, of course, skiing (undefeated ski champion so far), and for some odd reason he has a fixation with the television show M*A*S*H. He also finds The Cosby Show to be highly entertaining, being a doctor and all. It should be noted that Clawdaddy, Froggy's bubble crab advisor is as much a M*A*S*H and Cosby fanatic as Freezegood.

Query: If Yoshi's Island was based on the current present, what would be his opinion on the FOX show House?

Poochy is, as the SMW2:YI player's guide says and I quote, "bright, obedient, and frolicsome". However, he is very sensitive and has mood swings. Poochy is kind of like a Ralts (that's a Pokemon for people out the loop), if others are happy, he's happy. If others are down, so is he. However, he makes the effort to try to cheer everyone up. Through and through, Poochy is an optomist. He can't stand to see people sad (on his good days), and actually, he can't stand to see anyone fight, either. He's trapped in a moral dilemma of his own, and would rather Yoshi's friends and Kamek's army get along. Because of this, he makes a habit of not assisting in fights and remaining neutral, shouting anti-hate messages in the background such as "make love, not war!". Only with direct (and somewhat threatening) orders from Yoshi and even Kamek in one occasion will he fight, unless it's a dire situation where lives could be at stake. Poochy also has a not so nice side. On bad days where his mood changes, he becomes surly and/or indifferent and unmotivated. At this point, he'd rather be left alone. However, it is in this time that he is in his deepest thoughts, almost becoming philosophical. Yoshi literally has to drag Poochy anywhere he wants on these days, and even then Poochy chooses not to do anything out of spite. However, he's quicker to attack now should the enemy become a nuisance, which Yoshi is aware of. Problem is that occurance may never come up, making him just a useless as normal anyway. Poochy is physically very strong for looking like a powder puff. He an extra thick coat of fur, which allows him to withstand even the worst weather conditions in any area imaginable, as well as shallow lava immunity (he can't SWIM in the stuff). Thorns can't pentrate him. This plus his body mass makes him the ultimate Tap-Tap killer. He also swims in water very well, making him a great lifeguard. Poochy has an obsession with eggs, to the point of treating one of them as his baby.

Grinder is a cleptomaniac and is one of the friends of Yoshi who really isn't a friend so much as a well wisher. He steals from friend or foe, except Poochy who he's on good terms with, and because of this, a lot of people don't necessarily trust him or find him reliable. However, he did steal Kamek's wand once and let Yoshi use it against Kamek's army, so that at least let's Yoshi know he's a good guy at heart. Just a petty thief, too. Grinder's demeanor is a slick trickster, and is very good at plotting and planning.

Prince Froggy is extremely conceited and only thinks of himself. He absolutely does not care for anyone else and only looks out for number one. However, he does show concern for two other people, his advisor Clawdaddy who acts more as Froggy's voice of reason and morality (he does this for Yoshi's friends, too), and Little Yoshi. He even disregards his own Frog Pirate lackies. Froggy has a disdain for Yoshies in general, but for some reason, Little Yoshi's laid back nature and shameless eating seems to remind Froggy of a younger version of himself, and therefore sees Little as the ONLY decent Yoshi in existance. Because of his attitude, Froggy and Yoshi don't get along well. In fact, the only reason Froggy is on Yoshi's side is to be on the winning side, along with some nudging from Clawdaddy. If the opportunity ever arose, though, Froggy would try to rule Yoshi's Island himself. Froggy's favorite thing is a mirror. His love interest is probably himself.

Flopsy Fish, by the way, is to Lunge Fish as pretty much what Clawdaddy is to Froggy, except Clawdaddy is a lot more patient and Flopsy will turn on Lunge on occasions. Lunge, however, isn't stuck up. He's just guided more by his gluttony, and thus will do devious things just to fill his stomach. At least Lunge and Yoshi get along, although they don't always agree.

My personal favorite characters are Little Yoshi, Bumpty, Freezegood, Poochy, and Froggy, and thus they are usually present in the series, but as to be fair, are not in every comic (I don't even think Yoshi is in some cases). Froggy is sort of weird, as I don't care for him in Tetris Attack and try to beat him ASAP, but I guess the personality in the comics negates that, plus I don't think I have any other characters in any series that are a true narcassist. Whenever I doodle Yoshi these days, though, or do doodle comics, they're usually always focused upon.