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Poke Island Series Revision

From Poke Island to Poke Legends, everything in this series will be redone so that it's playable, clear, and legible. However, the series has to be done in order, so the releases will go accordingly. Below you will find out where I'm currently at with this.

Poke Island Special Edition

Green Town

Poke Island SE is an updated version of the 1999 game Poke Island. It utilizes the Mother 3 style, and is a LOT more detailed. Features more original art an assets than the borrowed ones from the original game. Furthermore, this version will actually be playable without me holding anyone's hand, and will be closer to my original vision of how the game should have gone.

Currently this game is still underway. I will probably make more detailed pages in the future. As of right now, this game has no expected release date, but I'll announce that when it comes (a couple of years later). I do not believe in releasing an inferior product, so this game will take a long time. I am always in need of some extra help to get this out there faster, so spriters, musicians, and anyone who can code in Javascript is welcome to participate.





















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