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What began as a mere trade in 1994, a copy of Kirby's Dream Land for Dynamite Headdy (it was supposed to be temporary... I still want Headdy back), exploded into a crazed fandom composed mostly of pure imagination. Thanks to the upcoming release of Kirby's Dream Land 2, 1995 would be the year that I put Kirby to paper, and the rest is history.

Kirby's world is cute and full of cartoon antics. Because of this, generally, most of my Kirby series were never serious. Kirby? Serious? Get outta here. My Kirby comics didn't focus on action or drama (except for one black sheep), but instead were made mostly just for humour and entertainment purposes, much like the Coro Coro Comics series.

As you will see, 9 times out of 10, the comics were based on everyday misadventures or special events, ranging from schoolyard bullying from Bronto Burt to chili cook offs, Dream Land Olympics and even spending a few days in jail. The most fun about Kirby comics were that friends and family got involved, too, and also threw in some input here and there. Some characters that made it into my comics actually belonged to them!

The following sections contain specific information on every Kirby series I've created.

Kirby's Adventures

Kirby's Adventures

My first foray into Kirby fan works started with the first issue of Kirby's Adventures, telling a story about Kirby and his friends being kidnapped at a *ahem* Taco Mail. Insipid, yes, but it was good enough to get a green light by the harshest critic of all: me. Kirby's Adventures takes place after Kirby's Dream Land and before Kirby's Dream Land 2, but every game in between, and I mean all of them, were fair game to covers of. It included the familiar locales and cast, but I added a few areas and cast members of my own, including Kirby's relatives.

The basic premise just followed everyday life for Kirby, all the while a crafty King Dedede constantly tries to take control of Dream Land so that his monarchy actually means something. And if he has to kill Kirby on the the side, he has to kill Kirby on the side. Seeing as I could pretty much do whatever I wanted considering each story was basically standalone, I had a lot of fun with the series. I added quite a lot of fan characters, but I really did want to make sure they had some usefulness, so I wanted to give them some personalities that could naturally gel with some characters (and intentionally clash with others). But even with the given cast, I added a lot of quirky personalities I'm sure no one in their right mind would've dreamed of. As for Kirby, Kirby's pretty faithful to his game self (his low tolerance for Dedede, to name one thing), at least pre-anime, and serves as the series all around average guy.

However, all series have a star cast of primaries, and that cast as a whole consisted of Kirby, Kine, Coo, and Rick on the protagonists side, and Dedede, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Gordo, Poppy Bros Sr. and Bronto Burt on the antagonists side. These were the characters you may have seen in every issue, if not nearly every issue. All long running series may have a running gag or two as well, and so does this one, including Kirby referring to Dedede as a duck half jokingly (he actually doesn't know or care what Dedede is), and busting holes into Castle Dedede via heroic Warp Star entries.

The series ended in a final battle between Kirby and King Dedede, probably being the most serious comic in this series. This marked comic #50, and the end of the Dedede era. Although I never continued to the Dark Matter era proper, this is one of the rare examples of a series of mine that has ever come to an official close.

Currently, though I'm slow to work on it, I'm remaking select comics from the Kirby's Adventure series so you can have a better idea how the series played out without having to decipher my awful handwriting and crude artwork.

Kirby's 1½ Adventures

After I finished Kirby's Adventures, I laid off Kirby for a while. To do what, I dunno. But, Kirby was what I was good at, and like a crack addict, I needed another hit of that sweet, sweet pink stuff. So, I decided to do some more Kirby comics. Problem was, i had finished Kirby's Adventures. However, I had a favoritism towards the series, so rather than make a whole new series, I just appended some extra stories within the KA-verse and called it Kirby's 1½ Adventures, the "one and a half" meaning between Dream Land 1 and 2. It's literally the everyday adventures of Kirby that got skipped in Kirby's Adventures. As if now we're checking in on what happened to Kirby between buying groceries last Tuesday and seeing his chiropractor on Thursday.

The series was pretty consistant with the original, with some differences such as a stronger focus on developing existing characters vs. creating new characters. Dedede and the need for "bad guys" became less of a focus, and more often than not bad things happened just because bad things happen (and in some cases, because of Kirby himself). Some characters sorta became Flanderized as well, such as the increasing stupidity of characters like Dedede and Coo, and the increasing intelligence of Kine, but it also made them a lot more iconic to the series, so it wasn't really a bad thing in this case. I mean, there'd be no "Kine the Genius" without it.

This series also had some running gags, and expanded gags from the original such as now completely destroying Castle Dedede, and in every subsequent appearance it looking totally different (and built out of different materials). Generally speaking, this series was even more light-hearted than Adventures, because now it really did feel like misadventures instead of "good guy thwarts bad guy" all the time. Because of that, it stands as my all time favorite among my Kirby series. I haven't deviated from this series much, and even if I technically make comics that happen in a more current Kirby timeline, I barely acknowledge it and use the same characters in both Adventures series.

Kirby World/Kirby Star Series

Kirby World

Eh, I'll be blunt. I didn't really like this series. That's probably why it didn't get too far. It took place directly after Dream Land 3, which to be honest is my last favorite game in the Kirby platformer department, and had a darker, more serious tone to it. It was really an excuse to get the Kirby series moving on beyond Dream Land 2. Ideally, it would have went like this. Zero wasn't quite done with Kirby, yet. And if he couldn't defeat him, he'd destroy everything close to him and break him down emotionally and psychologically. He did this by sending generic Dark Matter "clouds" to take posession of certain things. The first attempt failed, because Kirby still had the Love Love Stick. In time, the dark clouds would be able to destroy it. The only other device capable of defeating Dark Matter was the Rainbow Sword (the Star Rod is too weak), but in using this, Kirby would have to kill the infected person just to force the dark energy out of them. So you can see where this messes Kirby up.

Granted, I didn't get far enough to carry the entire concept through (though far enough to where Kirby did have to start sacrificing). And you know why? Cause it bloody sucked. Dark stories and Kirby don't mix. I don't care what anyone else says. Boring, boring, emo and boring. Kirby should not be emo. Like, ever. There were some light stories in the mix, though, in tradition to Kirby's Adventures. Fun stuff like Pitch becoming the mayor and home schooling Gooey stand out because they don't suck. Heck, the good stuff even carried on to Alternate Universe's self contained canon. The characters otherwise had the personalities from Adventures, heck the whole setting was a continuation of it.

What didn't help this series is that I was simutaneously working on Kirby's 1½ Adventures, which was a thousand and two times more fun. So I said "screw this mess" and stopped working on it. The end. The bottom line is that I prefer comedy, and typically light and silly comedy at that. Fun is found in everyday life, I like to create works that reflect that. There's a time for seriousness, but honestly the characters have to work for it. And if it waxes too philosophical, it'll put me to sleep.

Kirby Series Goodies

Here's a few scans from some older Kirby stuff:

First Kirby's Adventures comic cover
First page of first KA issue. Edited for readability
Old Kirby poster
First Kirby's 1½ Adventures comic cover
Kirby's 1½ Adventures cover the 50000 hits pic is based from
First Kirby World cover. First issue was called Kirby Star Series
Cover for Kirby Creampuff, a collection of comics put into a book
Old pic of the inside of Kirby's house

Promotional 10 Years of Kirby image (1995-2005)
















































































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