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The Poké Island series spawned from my fanaticism in the Pokémon anime and EarthBound. It first started with fan stories of Ash and his friends on the road to the Indigo League, but later he Pokémon themselves became the main subject, and after the First Movie, I wanted to make a fan game.

Following the fan game, and having established Poké Island as a location, I had a place to create more Pokémon centric stories and the latter two sequels were made. The series is unlike anything else I had done at the time, with some stories being a lot more serious than anything I was used to. It still remains my favorite fan series and one of my best fan works, next to the Kirby comics.

The entirety of the series is based on the Pokémon anime's canon, the Mother Series (up to Mother 2), and real world Earth. Coincidentally, after Mother 3's release, I could draw parallels between the Poké Island series and the Mother series, such as the first titles both being non traditional ideas with a silly but somber story, the second titles both being much more light hearted without much connection to the first, and the third being a more serious affair with basically the same bittersweet resolution.

Poké Island (Special Edition)

Poké Island was a fan game made in 1999. Poké Island Special Edition is its remake that will be released in the future. No further information until the remake is completed.

Old Crappy Title
1999 Version Title Screen

Outer Green Town  Green Town  East Poke Forest  Mt. Skyway  Ocean  Mewtwo  Volcano Island  Spectrum Way
1999 Version Screenshots

Poké Tales
Poké Island 2

Poké Tales is the non-direct sequel to Poké Island. Instead of a game, it was done in comic format. The idea was to make a series that gave each of the 151 (and the extras revealed in 1999) Pokémon a story. Poké Tales, however, has an overarching story. Stories touched on issues never before discussed in other comics, and being a non-direct sequel allowed for a new cast of main characters. No further information until future notice.

Poke Tales
Promotional Poster created in 2006

Episode 008 - Porygon to the Rescue Episode 026 - Watch Out, Eevee!  Episode 045 - The Storm of Death  Episode 078 - Meowth's Unlucky Day  Episode 113 - Mewtwo vs. Scarlet
Episode Teasers created in 2006

Poké Legends
Poké Island 3

The final chapter of the Poké Island series, and a direct sequel to Poké Tales, created for the second generation. The entire series concluded in 2002. Follows Poké Tales establishment of stories for each Pokémon as well as a central theme. Like Poké Tales, several stories tackle issues not normally found any other series. No further information until future notice.

Poke Legends
Promotional Poster created in 2006

Episode 027 - A New Evil  Episode 037 - Give it Up, Chikorita!  Episode 088 - Strange Gliding Pokemon  Episode 139 - The Towne Poet's Tale
Episode Teasers created in 2006

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