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December 25, 2010:

Yeah, I haven't updated in a while. My bad. Writing the articles ain't so bad, it's all the stuff that goes with it. But hey, uploading old comics still proves easy and efficient. Check it out, I've uploaded the Alternate Universe Christmas Special. It's in Folder 5, so you know it's more current than not.

July 07, 2010:

Mario Bros. is here to make us think, "how can an endless game be told in story"? I think you'll find that there's a connection between the tasks that we as people have to do, and an endless game. Also, I had checked some of the old art myself, and corrected some bad links (because apparently .png and .PNG are not the same thing for some reason).

July 1, 2010:

Today's article: More exciting than Excitebike, it's Hang-On, the 1985 racer by Sega. You can find it under Arcade and Sega Master System, but they both link to the same thing.

June 28, 2010:

Finished the sitemap. The sitemap gets updated every time a new page is created, say for instance an new article is added. That being said, I won't announce any changes to the sitemap when they occur, considering it only really exists for optimization purposes and no one really uses them (unless the site is a thousand levels deep without a search function or some such).

June 27, 2010:

So here it is. A new era of Creative Worlds. Alright, maybe era isn't the correct term to use. So, now Creative Worlds looks a bit more like the better sibling site Aqua Bunny, and everything's a lot more optimized and streamlined, now. Essentially, this site is divided into two parts, "Then" and "Now". Everything I used to do, get, or make is all under the Archive tab, while anything that is either informative or is currently being worked on/with is under the Works tab. But the newest and most prominent addition is the gaming tab. This is pretty much the central focus of the site, now.

The gaming section is pretty much an article based section where I write about all the games I can recall having played in my lifetime, but I approach them either editorially or with non serious fractured storylines (so like some of my comics but more text and fewer pictures), or something along those lines. This will be updated the most frequently, and will definately make this site update a lot more frequent too, however, that depends a lot on inspiration for an article, and a LOT of self editing and revising, which sometimes ends in scrapping some concepts. So basically, this site receives updates when I put together something that doesn't suck. As of right now, there are two starter articles but I hope to add more pretty soon (except I'm kind of in the process of lots of self revision right now).

Otherwise, the site may be updated when I do something substancial within the Works tab, but that'll be much less frequent.

All the old stuff, though, at least the things I've worked on and wrote, such as the series info and artwork, has new and rewritten commentary, possibly with 95% more snark. So you may even want to give the old stuff another look through.

Well, I hope to have some fun with the gaming section, and would like to see the works through, and that marks this update for you.


































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