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If you want your site listed, essentially, this is what it needs to do for me (and for others):

  • Show a lot of promise or potential. Whatever strong points you possess, PUSH THEM. There's too many sites out there that can do the same thing anyone else can, including this one. So, I want my jaw to drop.
  • People can learn from them. Knowledge is invaluable, that's why even insightful article sites are wonderful, but they should also be entertaining.
  • There's so much unique content for the purpose it's trying to serve, that you could drown in it. I don't care if Mario is overdone, if you have a Mario site with a fan game using a genre that no one has ever connected with the Mario series, and it works, and has polish, you've got something special there. Heck, any fan game with polish shouldn't go unnoticed.
  • It focuses on the obscure (games, characters, cartoons) in a fascinating way. If you can bring something people have forgotten or overlooked to life, you clearly have a gift.

Overall, here's the most important thing:

  • It needs to hold the interest of a one-time visitor. Assume someone will end up only visiting your site once. What can they do, read, and see there that will give them a unique experience? A UNIQUE experience. A site with a small bit of fan art and a forum is hardly entertaining to one-time visitors.





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