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Kirby's Block Ball Mini

Kirby's Block Ball Mini Title  Kirby's Block Ball Mini Gameplay

Really just a first assignment project I had back in an old game dev class. I think we had to make a breakout game, so I enhanced it. It plays a bit like the original Kirby's Block Ball, except with only three rounds. The game's pretty difficult, though, so prepare for a challenge to clear them all.


Aerial Assault

Aerial Assault Stage 2  Aerial Assault Stage 3

The second assignment was to make a shooter. Considering I like SHMUPS, this one was pretty awesome to do, and it stars Blade Knight inc. I remember working pretty hard on this one, what with a short story and cutscenes, especially on the custom sprites, and hey, Super Star-ized Kaboola (Kabula), before KSSU came out. Worth the admission alone. This game plays like Rocket Knight Adventures, which in turn plays like Gradius. It's also reminiscent of Astro Boy: Omega Factor. It's only three stages, but the challenge is moderate if you play smart.

If any old fan game I made deserves a sequel or a grade up, outside of Poke Island, it's this one. And it should play like Thunder Force or something. Whatever. Download this.


Java Stuff

Agreeable Wobbuffet

Tired of everyone disagreeing with you or shooting down your ideas the moment they come out of your mouth? Don't you wish there was one person who would always have your back? Look no further! It's the Agreeable Wobbuffet, your own personal yes man! No matter what you say or do, he'll always agree. Mouse over Wobbuffet to get him to say a variety of phrases.


































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